Purpose & Pathway

Our Purpose

Magnifying the greatness of God for the joy of multiplying disciples
Psalm 34:1-3 * 2 Samuel 7:22 * 1 Peter 2:9 * Psalm 16:11 * Psalm 67:3-4 * Matthew 28:19-20

Our Pathway

Live, Love, and Lead like Jesus

Live as a worshipper – Love as a community – Lead as a servant

          Romans 12:1-8 * Romans 12:9-13 * Romans 12:14-21

Live as a worshipper

  • by walking with God personally through Scripture and prayer
  • by worshipping God corporately with the church
  • by giving to God cheerfully and regularly through the church

Love as a community

  • by encouraging the people of the church
  • by serving the ministry of the church
  • by protecting the unity of the church

Lead as a servant

  • by establishing the gospel in the household
  • by sharing the gospel in the community
  • by spreading the gospel around the world