Community Groups
Community Groups enable us to share life together for relationships, prayer, encouragement, and Bible study. Community Groups grow daily, meet weekly, party monthly, and serve quarterly
Community Groups – Sunday @ 10:45am
* Grades K-6 – Rm 108
* Grade 7-12 – 3rd Floor
* College (Coed) – Rm: 205
* 20’s-30’s (Coed) – Rm: 214
* Young Couples (Coed) – Rm: 202
* 30’s (Married) – Rm: 210
* 30’s-50’s (Coed) – Centerfielders – Rm: 213
* All Ages (Men) – Rm: 216C
* All Ages (Women) – Rm: 208
* All Ages (Coed) Disciples Class – Rm: 201
* 55+ (Women) – Charity Class – Rm: 215
* 55+ (Coed) E.S. Class – Rm: 206
* 55+ (Coed) Faith Seekers – Rm: 216
Core Seminars
Core Seminars are designed to help establish the faith and equip for a disciples life.
There are 3 semesters a year (Fall-Spring-Summer)
In Person 
at West Lynchburg
No in person Core Seminars in the summer
Online Classes
at your own pace
A Journey Through the New Testament
Explore the beauty of the New Testament. This 10-session seminar is an enjoyable and enlightening walk through the teaching of the Gospels, Acts, the Letters, and the Book of Revelation.
The Potential and Power of Prayer
Why is it a struggle to pray? Through prayer, we have access to the all-powerful living God. Even so, too many of us are tempted to start our days prayerless and feeling alone. How can this be? We can’t afford to be so negligent, because whether we realize it or not we all face a high-stakes spiritual battle when we step out into our communities.
West Lynchburg Groups and Members have full access
to the RightNow Media Resources.
There are more than 20,000 video Bible studies available for the entire church. This resource equips small groups, families, and church leaders.